Hire an Expert

Hello, my name is Ingo Baab,

and you can hire me, if you need help related to WordPress. I can help you, if your WordPress-Website:

  • is compromised by malware
  • needs performance analysis and is slow
  • you need help, customization or software development

I am an expert in webhosting and system administration. Since some days I can call myself an expert for easyengine – a solution for fast webhosting of WordPress with the nginx webserver. I offer service around it. Please contact me if you need:

  • performance optimizations
  • server setup
  • server or sites migration
  • managed webhosting

Please contact me via skype (ingobaab), email, or phone. I will answer with a valued effort and a time estimation, a price tag and when I am available for your work.

If you assigned a task to me, we can exchange all details about what I might need to get the work done.

Don’t hesitate to contact me.
Ingo Baab