Hello, my name is Ingo Baab

…and I am currently back to Germany and offer services around wordpress, webhosting and system administration in general. Since some days I can call myself an expert for easyengine and I like the way it is designed1) a lot, — and I offer:

  • Help, Support and Development
  • Performance Analysis
  • Performance Optimization
  • Server Setup
  • Server or Sites Migration
  • Managed Hosting
  • Customization and Softwaredevelopment
  • and other things, like locating performance limitations or malfunctions in used plugins, themes or server configurations..

I can make your wordpress installation faster and can be reached via skype, email, phone or slackchat. Please contact me to describe your problem or your support request or simply your inquery . I will answer with a valued effort and also a price tag.

If you assign the task to me, I want you to authorize me with a short confirmation email. Afterwards we communicate with email-ping-pong, skype- or slackchat to exchange details about what I might still need to know from you, your installation, your hoster, server or what ever and also *when* I am available for your task.

Don’t hesitate to contact me.
Yours Ingo Baab

1) EasyEngine is a software created by rtCamp, a WordPress VIP partner in india, that makes it greatly easy to manage wordpress installations with the nginx-webserver – great thing!

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